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In an increasingly globalized world, people are looking for ways to communicate with each other. Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the planet, almost 580 million people speak the language today and the number is increasing day to day. When you take a Spanish course at AIN, the barriers that the Spanish language once represented to you will vanish. You will not only learn how to speak and write the language but you will be immersed in a very different culture. Moreover, what is most important: you will learn Spanish while living in Chile, a Spanish speaking country.

Our Spanish courses have been designed for persons who know how important it is to learn a language in order to communicate directly with other people as well as to get to the very source of information, to travel or just to find out what is happening without depending on third parties.

Spanish in Iquique

Learning Spanish at AIN is a full experience that has been working since 1980. It includes a personalized method, since each group consists of two to four students. The teacher will be the person guiding you through the entire process, motivating and assisting you at all times. Our classes are dynamic and practical, you will be able to share experiences and opinions with your classmates in and outside the classroom. You will develop a useful tool by learning the third most spoken language in the world.

After classes you can engage in any of several activities available in town such as paragliding, surfing, body-boarding, land sailing, scuba diving or simply take a tour to the interior and visit villages in the middle of the desert.



Learn Spanish in Chile

Combine your classes at the edge of Atacama desert in front of the Pacific ocean with a few weeks under a volcano in lush green Patagonia.

Learn Spanish in Chile

Combine your course at the desert of Atacama with a week(s) under the Patagonia Verde’s volcano.

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The best way to become acquainted with the world is to know other languages.



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